Mount Zuqualla

This ancient monastery is located 80Km South east of Addis Ababa, en route to Ethio-Djibouti Road. Named after Abune Gebre MenfesKidus, an Egyptian monk who was one of the 9 Saints that enter to Ethiopia preaching the Bible, this place offers an amazing view over the great East African Rift Valley Lakes, as it is found 2900Meters above Sea Level. At the top of the Mountain is one of the oldest (500 Years) monastery in the Ethiopia ,and new Marry Church. It is densely covered with different endemic vegetation that makes an absolute calmness and gives an opportunity to enjoy the day with nature and wildlife, Columbus Monkey and big birds. En route to this site or on your way back, the city of Bishoftu offers excellent relaxation options with various resorts and Lakes.

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